The Waves

Coolum itself is a natural magnet for body surfing waves. The continental shelf slopes off deeply out from Coolum, allowing swells to rear up quickly and break with more energy than other locales. Coolum is also blessed with permanent coffee-rock formations that protrude into the ocean like spines under the sand so the banks are typically anchored to these formations which makes the rides long

Coolum Wedge

The Coolum headland (Point Perry) book-ends one corner of a long crescent-shaped beach, so no matter what the swell direction there is always a bank that’s on. The headland itself refracts swell lines back towards the main break, combining with the main swell, rapidly building in height and producing the legendary ‘Coolum Wedges’.

Coolum Wedge Bowls

The bodysurfing contest has the flexibility to be held anywhere along the length of the beach. Also, March is a great time to have a comp at Coolum. The statistical swell history shows surfable waves occur 95 per cent of the time during the month and it’s also the most likely times for the tropical lows in the Coral Sea to push us through a strong pulse.”

Coolum Wedge Clean Take off

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