Fists of

Festival of Body Surfing

March 25, 26 &  27

Produced by Michal Butler, Butler Medic (P: 0439756016)

What’s New for ’22?

The Festival is a 3 day Event with competition running over 2 days.

Every competitor in the division with more than 20 participants will surf a minimum of two heats – more time in the water!

Wedge Champion Bodysurfing Club

To reward all-around strength and promote diversity and inclusion, points will be awarded in every division to the bodysurf club of all semi-finalists and finalists. Club with the highest tally will be anointed Coolum Wedge Champion Club.

COOLUM WEDGE Inc is non for profit

Mark the Date: 25-27 Mar 2022

Date Time Event
Friday 25th March
03.30 pm
Come one, Come all Whomp–in Expression Session at First Bay Coolum
Friday 25th March
05.30 pm
Festival Kick-off. The Gathering of the Tribes reunion drinks at Coolum SLSC
Saturday 26th
early start
A big day of whomping !! All heats across the 5 divisions
Saturday 26th
BBQ and / or Food truck available at the contest site
Saturday 26th
5 pm onwards
The (in)Famous Mid-Festival After Party - Coolum Beach Hotel Beer Garden (specially reserved section)
Sunday 27th
early start
Finals Day! semis and finals for all divisions. Wear your new Wedge t-shirts
Sunday 27th
Post event gatho and brag session - Coolum Beach Hotel

Major Sponser

Coolum Wedge Bendigo bank logo
Proud Sponsers

Special Thanks to Coolum Beach SLC for the partnership, Councillar Maria Suarez for her support and State Member Dan Purdie

Coolum Wedge Lyla

Lyla Crouch

Coolum Wedge lynda

Lynda Franklin

Coolum Wedge Jake Rosebork

Jake Rosebrock

Coolum Wedge Hart Gordon Masters

Harry Gordon

Coolum Wedge darren 1

Tribal Elders
Darren Verrenkamp


What People had to say about the event

I think its amazing. Its a really fun sport and all girls should get involved in it. its good to see that men and women both are competing it.

Coolum Wedge Lyla
Lyla Crouch Competitor

Coolum Wedge changed my perception of competition, which usually meant tension for me. The Wedge bodysurfing event is definitely all about fun from the beginning to the end, due to their unique inclusive atmosphere, where everyone involved holds such a passion for the ocean.

Rafael ‘The Redeemer’ Caldeira Brazil and Eastern Suburbs Whompers

Last year at the Coolum wedge bodysurfing comp will be locked into the memory bank for life. Location was brilliant, the people we met were friendly and very helpful, friendships for life 🤙🏼. The event was outstanding, (the weather could have been a little kinder 😃), the after party was excellent 👍and the road trip our crew endured to be there was extraordinary, stopping in at Byron Bay twice during our trip 🤙🏼

Brad McCamley Stocko Whompers

I loved being part of The Coolum Wedge energy, encouragement and fun! People of all ages (from 12 to 80!) and capabilities came together to share their love of bodysurfing, and in great waves! Even though I had only been body surfing a year, the competition made me stretch myself and it’s made em a better body surfer

Diana Harvey 79’ers